Authenticity Pledge

Here at SecondTime, every watch we offer goes through a rigorous, multi-stage process to ensure that you are receiving a watch that is without a doubt authentic.  Our goal is to give you the watch you want, with the most important feeling: peace of mind!  We also believe in transparency, so here are some details about the process.
Stage 1. WHO are we buying from? We source our watches exclusively from dealers who have not delivered a fake watch in the past and individuals who can clearly demonstrate the links between themselves, their watch, and the point of purchase.  If we don't trust the buyer, we don't buy the watch.
Stage 2: WHAT you we buying?  With over 35 years of combined experience working with every mainstream brand, our experts have seen it all.  Each and every brand has different hallmarks and authenticity points to look for, so we examine each piece individually and then have them re-evaluated by another expert on our team, just to be sure.  We then put each watch through our quality control checks to ensure that the watch we are offering is authentic and in proper working order. 
Stage 3: WHERE is the provenance?  We try to obtain as many matching data points as possible to ensure that watches are what we say they are.  That means warranty cards that have the watch information, serial numbered boxes, limited edition certificates, and any other provenance that can marry the watch to the manufacturer.  This is all passed on to our purchaser so that peace of mind travels to its new home.
If at any point we determine a watch to be non-authentic watch, it is destroyed.  Simple as that.
100% authentic, 100% of the time.  If you think that you did not receive a watch that is 100% authentic,