About Us

OJ Whatley is a watch industry veteran with 20 years of experience in the pre-owned and online watch sales space. He pioneered the idea of luxury watch sales online with his company, Watch-U-Want in the early 2000s. He built that business into a success and sold to the behemoth eventually known as Watchbox.




Paul Erhardt is a watch industry business and brand management professional with 15 years spanning retail, aftersales, distribution, and brand management. His first assignment was an aftersales coordinator with a prominent luxury retailer in South Florida, before moving on to work for such brands as Hublot, JEANRICHARD, Maurice Lacroix, and Montblanc. He was a Brand Manager before 30, and has advised on brand launch concepts, distribution turnaround, and marketing/advertising.




We came together to form Second Time with the goal to source some amazing watches at unbeatable prices.  We want to be as transparent as possivle, so we check our prices against the leading market places, and consistently beat them! We love to learn and to teach, so if there is something we can do better, or something we can shed some light on, feel free to let us know.  We love to get to know members of the watch community.