Luminor Marina A-Series in Stainless Steel - PAM 001 (First Year of Production)

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Contents, Brand/Model, Movement, Dial / Crystal, Case Material / Case size, Bracelet/Strap, Warranty,


(Time CAPSULE) Complete
Panerai PAM001 Luminor Marina "A Series"
Manual Wind
Dial / Crystal:
Black (T Swiss T) / Sapphire
Case Material / Case size:
Stainless Steel/44mm
Gold Calf
Watch is delivered in "As-Is" condition. Second Time has made its best attempts to represent the true condition of the watch at time of sale through photographs. If you would like to receive some more information about this watch, please contact us.


 Panerai Luminor Marina First Production Year Reference - PAM0001, A-Series


  • Produced and Sold in 1998, the first year of Panerai global production
  • Part of the inital A-series, a lettering system Panerai still uses today (1 year = 1 letter)
  • iconic 44mm Luminor case
  • (Time CAPSULE) - Complete with original box set (including serial matched outer box), both manuals, chronometer certificate, original Panerai warranty card, screwdriver, extra strap, AND original receipt


The Story Behind This Panerai PAM0001

This is a pristine, safe-queen example of a Panerai PAM0001 Luminor Marina.  This piece was purchased brand new by our client at a Panerai authorized retailer and appears to have been immediately put into a safe.  Thanks to this careful storage, this watch is a (Time CAPSULE) to 1998 and the way the first Panerai watches were delivered! This watch is COMPLETE with the original box set (including serial matched outer box), both manuals, chronometer certificate, original Panerai warranty card, screwdriver, extra strap, AND original receipt! 


Why We Love This Panerai PAM0001

The Luminor Marina is the first globally available Panerai watch ever made! In fact, this particular model is an A-series, meaning it came from the first production run in 1998. This watch probably marked the first time most collectors had ever seen a Panerai, and its shape and style became an instant icon! The dial has its original tritium (i.e. radioactive) markers, and they have aged into the uniform dark brown that only the most cared for watches develop this evenly.  In fact, Panerai has tried to recreate this color with Superluminova, giving birth to the dirty brown lume on certain historic recreations.  We are truly amazed at the completeness of this watch as we rarely come across a kit that isn't missing something.  This has it ALL, plus its original receipt from Chatel and Co in Carmel, CA.  Chatel was one of, if not the, first Panerai retailers in North America.  Despite Carmel's small size and the lack of readily available information about retailers in 1998, this purchased proved that real collectors will find amazing watches, no matter where they might be!  


More About SecondTime

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