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Rolex Explorer II, Ref 16570 P Series -  Bespoke Custom treatment by Label Noir Design House, Geneve

Label Noir is a design house similar to Bamford; they are Bespoke Watch Experts dedicated to the art of personalizing luxury watches.  Label Noir is made up of seasoned veterans from the watch industry--they are watchmakers and designers first and foremost.  Label Noir personalizes original Rolex watches  and typically produce fewer than 100 unique Rolex watches per year available for purchase in some of the most exclusive shopping destinations around the world like Monte Carlo, Zug Switzerland, Qatar, Geneva Switzerland and Taipei.  Label Noir's personalized touches include professionally applied Black PVD coating on cases/bezels/bracelets, adding unique colors to bezels, dials and hands and re-coating dials with carbon fiber or other cool design elements to make each watch a 1-off 'Piece Unique!' 

Our customer bought this watch while on vacation in Zug Switzerland in August 2015.  The watch has no visible signs of wear and our guess is our customer wore this watch a handful of times (if that).   Bespoke customizations which make this watch a 1-off special edition include:


  • professionally coated Black DLC case and bezel
  • 24 hour scale on bezel in filled in with high visibility YELLOW numbers and cool contrast to black DLC coated bezel
  • original Explorer II black dial has been overlaid with black carbon fiber.  Hour markers are framed/outlined in high visibility yellow and filled in with black to make them 'pop' against the black dial.  The coolest part about the dial, and part of Label Noir's expertise and 'secret sauce' is how they coat the dial with a carbon fiber coating while still retaining all of the original Rolex markings, including crown, logos, writing etc.  All of the original logos and markings are 100% original and visible even through the carbon fiber top surface
  • Hour/minute/seconds and GMT hands are coated black and filled in with high-vis yellow luminous material
  • original Rolex Winding crown and Rolex oyster bracelet are in their original brushed stainless steel condition and un-modified--this makes for a very cool contrast against the black DLC coated case and bezel

Best of all this, this watch is 100% Complete with everything as purchased brand new direct from dealer.  Comes complete with original Rolex Box Set, Rolex Warranty Certificate, Rolex Explorer Instruction Booklet and also comes with Label Noir plastic Warranty Card.  This watch at time of sale had an original retail of over $20,000 when retailed by Label Noir. 


So just to be clear, this watch began its life as a 100% factory original Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, Ref 16570 - P series with black dial.  (P-series indicates 2001-2002 manufacture date and is significant because it represents the first year Rolex equipped their stainless steel sport models (Submariner Date, Explorer II and GMT Master II Models) with the new, improved and updated SEL Solid End Link Bracelet which allows for a more secure connection/better fitment of the oyster sport band to the case of the watch.)  This watch was originally purchased per the included Rolex Warranty Certificate in March 2001.  

This watch was personalized by Label Noir per above specifications and was purchased by our client in August 2015.  Other than those personalized custom touches mentioned above, this Explorer II is factory spec with regard to having 100% original Rolex Explorer II parts including original Case/Crown, Bracelet, Movement, Bezel, Dial, hands and sapphire crystal.  Modifications of these parts do not make them any less than 100% original parts, they have just been custom modified.  

Here is your chance to own a 1-off custom, BeSpoke personalized Rolex Explorer II, Complete with all original boxes and papers and with a BeSpoke Label Noir custom treatment at an unheard of an unparalleled price!

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