Reasons to buy a Rolex, beyond "Nice Watch"

Reasons to buy a Rolex, beyond "Nice Watch"

Posted by Paul Erhardt on Feb 27th 2020

Cosmograph Daytona in 18k White Gold

When I tell people I do,  after the excitement about travel, events, and other “perks” of the job subside, the most common question I am asked is:

Can you get me a Rolex?

My response is reflexive, “well, why do you want a Rolex?

The most common responses I get all involve the idea of “nice”:

1.Wanting a “nice watch”

2.Wanting a watch “nice”enough that others know it’s nice

3.Wanting a watch “nice” enough to show the world you have some

cash, taste, and culture.

Ok, I get it, you want a “nice watch.” I want this article to help you understand why you might be siren-called to a new Submariner Date or a Sky-Dweller. If nothing else, I want this article to help you remove the term “nice watch” from your decision-making brain. Instead, I hope to replace that phrase with four major reasons to buy a Rolex that don’t involve a “nice watch."


Luxury Longevity

Sky-Dweller in 18k Everose Rose Gold - 326135 (scrambled serial number, 2016 sold date)

Rolex has been in the watch industry since it was registered in 1920.Rolex is in (or has been) in business with the best retailers in the world, opened boutiques (with those retailers) and presented itself as the most important brand in those stores. That is a strong association with luxury and a case study in longevity. Longevity is powerful but consider the frequency a person is exposed to Rolex. On the street? Countless men and women wear Rolex. Major partnerships? How about Tennis (all Grand Slams), Golf (The Masters), Motorsports (F1), and the list continues.

Brand History of Innovation

Rolex is a company that focuses their testing and improvement on real world benefits. Thanks to that focus, Rolex created the first:

  • waterproof case (the Oyster)

    • full rotation self-winding movement (Perpetual)

    • window displayed date

    • watch certified waterproof to 100m (Submariner)

    • GMT wristwatch (GMT-Master)

Even minor evolutions (bracelet design, dial printing, alloy testing, and more) lead to a better watch. Their goal has always been to make the best watch, and If your goal is to own a watch made by a company that never stops improving, then Rolex is definitely a choice.


Appreciation: aka the 4th Dimension

If this information has led to deepened appreciation of Rolex, then you’ve reached the 4th Dimension: appreciation! This amazing step is where learning and passion meet to justify spending money. Every Rolex has at least 4 items that they can truly claim to have created. This is the first step in broadening your horizons past the Rolex you’ve been lusting for subconsciously since you learned how to tell time in the 2nd grade.

So: should you buy a Rolex?

If you want one watch that will ready for all the nonsense you can put it through all while most likely outliving you (and making a great inheritance gift for your kids), YES you should buy a Rolex (preferably from My hope, however, is that your Rolex will be the first in a collection of watches bought because you appreciate them. 


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